Programs: Transition to Success

"Whether we remain standing in the shadow of our mistakes or walk in the light of change hinges on if we are willing to muster the guts to stand in the frightening brilliance of who we are meant to be."

-A. Lawrence Haskins

What content informed this program?

In addition to speaking with former and currently detained juvenile offenders, Lawrence dealt firsthand with the unwieldy fear that an inmate faces in the weeks leading up to and after release. In many cases, the formerly incarcerated individual doesn't know what to expect as the world has changed in their absence. Our response is to provide tangible support in those early days of release that will greatly reduce the chances that the newly released juvenile will re-offend.

Where is this program implemented?

Juvenile "halfway houses", alternative education schools as well as information being supplied to juvenile probation offices, prosecutor offices and the judicial community at-large with regards to the resources our program will provide.

What are the program's core objectives & components?

The core objective of the "Transition to Success!" program is to mitigate the fear associated with being newly released back into society. The program's core components are as follows:

  • Job Placement
  • Bi-Weekly Chat Sessions
  • Job Search Makeovers (For Females) & Grooming (For Males)
  • Reconciliation with Family & Those Impacted by Their Actions

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